• Speaking

    The opportunity to show up wholly and vulnerably through speaking and sharing my truth with others is a profound privilege that I relish deeply. My approach to speaking engagements is story-centered, which simply means that I offer authentic anecdotes from my own life to inspire and invite reflections, connections, healing, and expansive perspectives on liberation.

  • Facilitating


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    Speaking Topics

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    Story-Centered Pedagogy

    Stories have the power to connect, inspire, and heal. By sharing parts of my story, I hope to embolden others to reflect upon, learn from, and make-meaning of their stories.

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    Connection is Healing

    Authentically connecting to our true selves is healing. As we heal, we give those around us permission to do the same. Just as all oppressions are interconnected, our healing and liberation are also interconnected.

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    Identity Interconnections

    Inviting affective-relating across and between diverse positionalities, I engage identity interconnections to facilitate personal growth, foster allyship, and advance social justice.

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    Education for Healing & Liberation

    Informed by bell hooks and Paulo Freire, I have witnessed the power of education to heal and liberate. It is my privilege and joy to share examples and strategies from my own work, encouraging others to engage in this transformative approach to education.

  • Let's Connect

    I'd love to talk about how we might work together.