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    The following are selections from my published work. I have chosen these pieces because they best embody the voice and vision I bring to all of my speaking, writing, and coaching. After reading my work, please send me a note. I would love to hear your thoughts, reactions, or questions.

  • On Being Racially Enough: A Duoethnography Across Minoritized Racial Identities

    I firmly believe that autoethnography is transformative methodology. I am delighted to share this piece, which explores ideas of racial enoughness and authenticity, across minoritized racial identities. This article was co-authored with my friend, mentor, and dissertation chair Dr. Stephen John Quaye and published in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. (Ashlee, A. A., & Quaye, S. J., 2020)

    Transgressing Borders and Embracing the In-Between: A Transracial Asian American Adoptee's Autoethnographic Reflection Inspired by Gloria Anzaldúa

    This is the first piece I wrote after finishing my PhD. I was in my first-year as a tenure-track professor. These reflections are largely drawn from my researcher journal, which I diligently kept throughout my dissertation process. (Ashlee, A. A., 2020, p. 11-14)

    Different like Me: Building Empathy Within Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Communities Through Identity Analogies

    Over the past several years, I have been working on a collaborative project exploring identity analogies and interconnections as avenues for affective-relating, healing, and liberation. This is my first co-published piece on the topic. (Combs, L., & Ashlee, A. A., 2020, p. 56-58)

    I am Not Confused: A Transracial Adoptee's Reflections on the Confines of Racial Categories

    This manifesto, which was featured on the NASPA Multiracial Knowledge Community's blog, captures my evolving poststructural worldview. This piece has great significance as it was my first public, professional declaration of my expansive perspective on racial identity, which positions transracial adoptees as brilliant racial border crossers and theory expanders. (Ashlee, A. A., 2018)

    We are Woke: A Collaborative Critical Autoethnography of Three Womxn of Color Graduate Students

    I wrote this collaborative autoethnography with two incredibly brilliant #sistascholars during a very transformative time in my life. I was a doctoral student and coming into my most critical worldview. Simultaneously, I was beginning to cultivate my own voice as a fierce womxn of color scholar. (Ashlee, A. A., Zamora, B., & Karikari, S., 2017, p. 89-104)

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